Awakening the Poetic Muse

After spending a year and a half revising and writing poems for the final manuscript of Thirty Dollars and a Bowl of Soup, I felt drained after its publication in January 2017. I'd want to write poems over the last few months, but couldn't think of compelling topics or imagery. I thought about just taking a respite from poetry. But when April came around, I wanted to participate in National Poetry Month in a meaningful way, so I went back to one of my favorite blogs, Poetic Asides by Robert Brewer on Writers' Digest. I thought I'd try my hand at his April Poem a Day Challenge. So far, I've written a poem a day and I like what I've written thus far! I don't know if any will turn out to be publishable, but for right now, I am content to engage in the joy of writing, and feeling accomplished when one of the participants writes a complimentary comment. If you want to check them out, my user name is bxpoetlover. Peace.

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