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Published Titles | Poetry]

May He Bless My Name, iiPublishing, 2024

Sundays and Hot Buttered Rolls: A Granddaughter of Harlem Speaks, Finishing Line Press, May 24, 2024

Clap Your Hands, Stomp Your Feet, Grandma Moses Press. April 1, 2023.

Stardust and Skin, iiPublishing (2020)

These Pearls Are Real, Second Edition, iiPublishing (2021)

Honeysuckle Me, Second Edition, iiPublishing (2021)

Thirty Dollars and a Bowl of Soup, Second Edition, iiPublishing (2021)

Gnat Feathers and Butterfly Wings, Second Edition, iiPublishing (2021)

Fiction | Short Stories

MockingOwl Roost Review. "Class", October 2021

Creative Nonfiction

Raising Mothers "I Had to Dial 911"February 2022

Bronx Memoir Project, Volume IV. "It's Not Just Hair" 

Anthologized Poems

Querencia Press, LLC. Fall 2022. "Of the Essence" and "Seeds"

Bleed, iiPublishing.

Bronx Memoir Project, Volume IV. "For the Record".

Poetry Pills: a prescription for love, upcoming in 2020. Edited by Paper Pens & Poetry: "When There Are Thorns".

Existential Threats: Down in the Dirt, Volume 172. "Schooling", "For the Lovers"

Seasons: Down in the Dirt, Volume 171. "Assurance"

Land and Territory, (ed. by Margareth Stewart), Winter 2019: “Shore to Shore”

Maximum Tilt, Pine Manor College, (ed. by Lisa Allen, Summer 2019: “Model Minority”, “Centered”

Raising Her Voice: An Anthology of Women Writers By The Same (2018) (ed. Rachel Holbrook): “Things”

Waterlogged, Down In The Dirt,  April 2017, V.144: “Shore to Shore”

Selected Poems

Reedy Branch Review, "Kinship", April 2024

Cacti Fur, "As One", "Without Fruit", "Ode to Menopause". February 1, 2023

Rigorous, "We've Been Dancing Since We Heard Our Mothers' Heartbeats in the Womb", "Counterstroke". January 2023

Big City Lit, "Respite", July 2022

One Art, "Choices", "Worse Than Sticks and Stones", "With Good Fortune", Spring 2022.

Oye Drum Magazine, "Under the New Moon" and "Peril" June 2022

Promethean Literary Journal, "A Likely Explanation for Why Black Women Suffer Disproportionately from Fibroids,” “Our Hips Were Swinging”, “Pampered”.  Spring 2022.

ISLE: The Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment, "Speck". April 2022

La Libreta, "They Tried To Race The Moon".  Issue 3. January 30, 2022

The American Journal of Poetry, "Furrow". January 1, 2022.

Ginosko Literary Journal, "Bespeak", "Nonesuch", "A Bronx Kind of Love", "Reunion", "Nonesuch", Issue 27. Fall 2021

Kitchen Sink Magazine, "Gasconade"

Rue Scribe, "Lift", August 21, 2021

Rigorous, "Dear Ms. Tyson", "Weight", "For Naomi Osaka", August 18, 2021

Poetic Sun, "It Must Be Something I Can Live With", Issue 3, July 2021

Sledgehammer Literary Journal, "Bobbing", August 11, 2021

Beliveau Review, "Orison" and "Ode to Harlem", Issue 7, Summer 2021

Global Poemic, "A Hymn to the Evening, After Phillis Wheatley", January 2021

Porcupine Literary"Woke", Issue 3, December 2020; "Heart", Forthcoming.

The Racket Journal, "You Gambled", Issue 25, October 2o2o

433 Magazine, "She Wanted To Become A Nurse", "Flourish", Fall 2020

Writer's Egg Magazine, "Bonanaza", Issue 2; "Pith" and "Tattoo"Issue 3, 2020, "Stony Iron", Issue 4, 2020

Anti-Heroin Chic, "Why I Did Not Watch the Derek Chauvin Trial", June 2021; "Redress", April 16, 2020

Variety Pack, "Homily" and "Mettle", January 2020, Issue 1.

Terra Preta Review, “Epistema”, 2019

Broken Tooth Press, “When the Student Teaches" "Good, for Nothing, 2019, Issue VI

Synaeresis, "Apologia", "African Beauties", "Crisis at the Border", Thieving", 2019, Vol 3, No.3, Issue 7

Interstice, “Sunset”, 2019, Volume 15

Ariel Chart, “Last Request”, 2017; “Epitome”, 2019

Brine, "March 8", "Simplicity", 2018

Wallpaper Magazine, "April 4, 2017", Spring 2018

Culture Cult Magazine, Black Noise Quarterly: "Me Too", "A Jar of Jerk", "Magic Man", "This New Day", "Flip", Winter 2018

Down in the Dirt, “Common”, 2017; 

In Between Hangovers, "Out of the Ordinary", "Aftermath of the Great American Celebration", "Tamale", "Yankee Girl Reverie", "First Time", 2017

Street Light Press, "Explorers", "Guilt", May 15, 2017, Issue 1

Firefly Magazine, “A Little Magic”, 2017, Issue 11

Picaroon Poetry, “Pyrophobia”, November 2017, Issue 11

Eunoia Review, “Cold Blooded”, “Privilege”, March 2016

Random Sample Review, “Diaspora”, February 2016

Dissident Voice, "How Far We've Come", “Panic” "No Access", 2016

MemoryHouse, “On the Mend”, Spring 2016, Issue No. 14

Bop Dead City, “Love Letter”, Issue 15, 2016

For Harriet. Soar. "Thank you, Amber Rose", "Objectified", "Marks", "Hands", "Teal", 2014

Obscura, “I Shouldn’t Have Been There”, Spring 2014

Anderbo, “Niece”, Spring 2006

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